Friday, June 20, 2008


So I only went to a coed sleep away camp once in my lifetime--it was called clear creek and I think I was in the 6th grade or something. It was only for a week but that was enough. I had a horrid memory come back to me this morning as I was showering (in our shower with no curtains...classy).

I remembered that this one time, at sleepaway camp, I was one of the silly girls who had developed early and thought it would be super cool to take a shower and on the way back from the shower to not only go in my towel but to be sure and walk by the boys bunks. It was night time, they were all getting ready for bed and so my friends and I all went to the shower house. They had all decided to do the same as me, going in the towel and such but they all chickened out. Not me of course. I was fearless. Yep, not stupid, fearless.

Anywho, picture this, evening, me, the girls, towel, holding all my shower stuff, walking by the window of whoever it was I liked at the time, him, looking out the window at that precise moment, me...being amazing, tripping on a log as I try to flip my wet hair instead of watching the trail, dropping my shower stuff and letting go of my towel. Oh yes, the towel, he saw me...and I mean SAW.

Anyways, today in the shower I had a flashback and thought, hmmm, maybe I will share. Just one of many of the humiliations in my wonderful, amazingly, blessed life!


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness. Some of the things you do scare me. Reminds me of me. Are you really my daughter? Love ya, Mama V

deanna said...

One time when I lived at the UAC, my roommate and I had been filling water balloons all day and inviting people over then throwing them at them as they walked up the stairs and such pranks. It was time for me to shower to go to another apt complex and get into trouble. Well, this boy in the ward who was helping us fill them opened the bathroom door and threw 2 balloons in the shower over the rail. I caught one, grabbed my towel, and snuck outside to throw it on him as he hid outside. well, I threw it. He was holding another balloon and threw that one at me. I tried to catch it. GENIUS! However, I dropped the towel when I caught the balloon. But I'm still waiting for these ladies to grow ha ha. WOW...let's be friends!