Saturday, June 28, 2008

I cussed at camp today...

So for the first time in two weeks I totally used a cuss word today. I will say it was very warranted. Let me give you all a little scenario. I am one of maybe 4 mormon's here at camp and so I am trying to really keep my language clean. Well, today I had just finished taking a nice shower. I had just put on my garments and as I went to grab my bra I looked down at my boob--they tend to be in the way--and there was a huge thing crawling on me! As I investigated further it was a gigantic spider! Seriously huge! I screamed probably at the top of my lungs s@$! and flew around my room looking for something to save me!

At this point one of my cabin mates who has heard me screaming (yes, I kept screaming during the entire time---I know, I know) and comes out of her room. I run over to this woman I barely know yelling at her to get it off repeatedly. Now little background on this woman, she takes 5 minute showers, she is all natural and her job is basically called campcraft--she leads kids on hikes, camping, all outdoors and I am screaming like a freaking banshee about the giant spider on my boob. Ya. talk about mortified even more. Oh and during the year she even lives at like a campground place in Cali and takes schoolkids all over Yosemite and stuff.

So she calmly removes the spider onto her hand--and goes "hmm, I wonder what kind of species this is" as she walks it outside. Really? What species! It was on my freaking Boob! I, still frantic, smartly replied, it is the kind that lives in my freaking underwear drawer! Then I kept apologizing for swearing and scrfeaming like a mad woman. That is my life at camp as of today. Spiders. Bugs. And as of 1 this afternoon, kids. I am a wreck! YAY CAMP!


deanna said...
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deanna said...

I absolutely H-A-T-E it when MY boobs get in the way.
Too bad I got my mom's personality and my dad's chest and not the other way around.

Anonymous said...

I wonder where you got those boobs from. I can understand the situation.... Hope you are having a great time even with the bugs. love ya hun. Mama V