Friday, August 22, 2008

public transportation...

So here in Boston as I start my school year I am at the mercy of public transportation. While it is very efficient, fast, and cheap (some places here charge you 32 dollars a DAY to park) and it drops me off like 2 blocks from school--there are some variables that make it a little less attractive. two days ago I was on the T. That is the term for the subway system out here--So I'm on the T, the orange line to be exact and my stop is the very last one to go home. It had been a long day of shopping for school and orienting myself to the city, transit system etc. So there I am, it is rush hour and all the seats are full--which is fine becuase I kind of prefer standing on the T sometimes--There is this guy, CREEPER! I'm looking around on the car just becuase it is fun to see all the different people while I jam out to my ipod, anywho, back to the creeper.

So it is me, ipod, tons of people, and the creeper. I can feel someone watching me and of course I am looking around at all the fun sights (aka--crazies) and I catch the eye of this guy. He is staring really hard and looking like a sketchball--i just decide to assume he is just looking at everyone like I am so I move on. A couple minuted later, as I finish with my scan I catch him still staring at me. He is staring at me like I am a steak who was very well done--yuck. And he had moved closer. Now this would not have been a problem if I returned the infatuation--but on no--I was actually kind of creeped out. So as we moved down the train line from stop to stop he continued to move closer and closer and I crept more towards the door. He honestly never stoped staring. I didn't know if he thought he knew me or what but he was a crazy!

Ok, I know, I am draggin it out but I had to deal with this guy for like 30 minutes on the train. So I get off at the last stop on the line and as we approach the 2nd to last stop I had already decided to just get off if he didn't because he was totally making me uncomfortable. So teh train stops and I wait to see if he moves and thankfully he does--but--he walks toward the door that I am near and he gets as close as possible tome and makes sure that he brushes against me. He stares me down the whole time so I finally just get annoyed and glare at him and shift so he isn't as close as he tried to be. can I just say--Ewwww! So while public transportation is my life for the next three years--creepers will also be a part--I am going to have to work on my death glare!