Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Hello from camp

So, I have been at camp for just overf 24 hours...and it is freezing tonight by the way. It isn't bad. There are a lot of bugs, the piano is out of tune, everybody already knows somebody else because they are either returning or working here with a friend, but it is doable. The area is beautiful and when I figure out how I will post some pictures of the camp. The people are really nice but you knwo when you can tell that people are forcing it because they feel like they have to be nice and then the conversation lapses into that really uncomfortbale dead air...ya that is how today has been for me. AWESOME!
However, I have't been super outgoing myself. I have been nice and friendly, but again, it just feels forced. Don' t get me wrong, there are some freaking aweosme people here, my A-TEAM (also know as the arts group) are really cool and nice but it just seems to already have so many little clicks. I hate clicks. Hate. But it is all good and fun and the setting could not have been more beautiful. I know I am where I need to be and maybe I'll learn something about myself. Like today for instance, I learned that I freaking hate biting flies and I get into these wierd kill the bugs frenzys. It is super! Well, I will keep you all posted. Take care and I love some of you...you know who you are in case there are any random stranger reading it...

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deanna said...

I'll talk to Walt and get you some special treatment. PS send the Aussie and English lads my way if they're over 18!