Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Crocs...the evil shoe

So these shoes are like the really evil version of Birkenstocks. I used to wear those in high school and I loved them, along with all the hippies, and zoobies (only I did not wear them with socks!). So I needed some light shoes for camp that can get wet that are less than a billion dollars (chako, keene, etc) and so I gave in to this un-natural shoe--Croc. They are bright blue. And they aren't the normal croc style, they are the lindy style or something. The sick part is, I think they are really cute--they make me think of the jelly shoes I LOVED in elementary school. Anywho--I gave in...and I like it!

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deanna said...

Everyone wears these in Italy...on the beach...and in Czech. I love Europe. I bought a pair of white ones with flowers for the mom because she wanted them so bad and thought it would score me points and presents also, BUT I refuse to wear them myself.
PS didn't get any presents in return