Friday, September 12, 2008

Toilet Paper Phantom

So at school in the ladies restroom there is a toliet paper phantom. She leaves toilet paper all over the floor as well as all over the seat. Um, hello! If you don't want to touch the seat get the paper seat cover thing that is hanging on the wall above the toilet! Also--if you are going to use toilet paper to cover the floor and toilet--remove it please. It has touched your behind and it should not be up to me to remove it after you are finished! If I ever find out who this toilet paper phantom is---I will wrap her in toilet paper that I used to cover the toilet seat and floor becuase it is GROSS!

Farming Cat Nip?

So...there is a guy in my law classes and we were talking today about what our families do etc... and I learned somethign new today--His dad farms CAT NIP. Really? Is that a real job? Apparently it is rather lucrative as well. That is freaking awesome! How do you grow cat nip? What is in cat nip? I know it is like "pot" for cats and stuff but what is in it? If anyone knows this, please, enlighten me! I want to go to a cat nip farm.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Face of the Future?

So when I started at camp this summer I was getting ready every day, doing my make up, my hair, it was fun. Near the end you were lucky if I brushed my hair. I look back on those days as I begin my life as a professional student, a law student no less (they told us during orientation that school was the beginning of our careers so ya, I am a professional...) I look at my pictures from camp and wonder, is this the face of the future? Oh YA!

The Socratic Method

So as most of you know I am in law school in Boston. I had heard horror stories of this so called socratic method that is infamous in the law school circuit and knew that it could be a little crazy. NEVER in my life did I think I would ever be so scared in class even though I had done all the homework, done all the case briefs, the reading, re-reads and double checking of the briefs and be terrified to sit in some of my classes. All of my teachers are amazing, love hearing them etc, and a couple of them are not so socratic...yet...but there are a couple who just pick your name from the roll or our "get to know you"cards. For any of you who are thinking that it can't be that bad, oh yes, yes it can be. So I will continue to overprepare, overthink, and overload on my studies for that dreadful day when Professor Sorensen or Berman say "Ms. Jarvis, what are the details of this case?" And what is even more sad, is that even after that terrifying day, I will keep doing it for fear that I can get called on more than one time a semester.