Friday, September 12, 2008

Toilet Paper Phantom

So at school in the ladies restroom there is a toliet paper phantom. She leaves toilet paper all over the floor as well as all over the seat. Um, hello! If you don't want to touch the seat get the paper seat cover thing that is hanging on the wall above the toilet! Also--if you are going to use toilet paper to cover the floor and toilet--remove it please. It has touched your behind and it should not be up to me to remove it after you are finished! If I ever find out who this toilet paper phantom is---I will wrap her in toilet paper that I used to cover the toilet seat and floor becuase it is GROSS!


Anonymous said...

I think I would find a different bathroom to use or bring my own TP. EWWWWWW. Mama V

Deanna said...

The seats in Germany rotate after each person uses them and clean themselves. It's incredible to watch. Not that I dat and watched it for 10 minutes or anything. Whatever.
ps the word verification for me to be able to post a comment was: evacFART ha ha.

Rochelle said...

why would one put toilet paper on the floor?
I understand the seat...
but what are the phantom's shoes better then anyone elses that she can't step on germ infested and poop particled floor from the toilet?

Hopefully Karma takes hold and she carries her 'floor' TP out the door when she is done touching the poopie door knob that way you know who to TP. :o*

but who is saying it is a girl? Maybe it is a guy who is trying to stick it to the 'man'?