Friday, September 12, 2008

Farming Cat Nip?

So...there is a guy in my law classes and we were talking today about what our families do etc... and I learned somethign new today--His dad farms CAT NIP. Really? Is that a real job? Apparently it is rather lucrative as well. That is freaking awesome! How do you grow cat nip? What is in cat nip? I know it is like "pot" for cats and stuff but what is in it? If anyone knows this, please, enlighten me! I want to go to a cat nip farm.


Deanna said...

my mom used to put that in a toy for her cat to calm it down. It would throw it around then hold it real close. Made it kinda cooky in my opinion.

Rochelle said...

Do you think they have cats on a cat nip farm?
You know, just to make sure it is GOOD cat nip?